There is one sector in which the news gets consistently worse: India’s education system. Over 290 million students attend educational institutions on a typical working day. Enrollment has increased tremendously in Schools, Technical and Professional Courses, Colleges, Distance Learning Centers and even in Coaching Centers. In 1951, 19 million were enrolled at elementary level (classes 1 to 8) and just 1.5 million from 9 to 12. Today, elementary sections have over 130 million enrolled and 37 million in higher classes. Higher education has seen a stunning 100-fold enrollment growth — from 1.7 lakh students in 1951 to over 12 million currently. What drives Indians is hope that educations will open doors to a better life.

Education makes a man. This is so true! The skills, knowledge and learning from school and college, carry us well into our personal and professional lives, in our later years. However, is our education system good enough to prepare the children, the future of our country, to lead their best life? However our education system is good enough to prepare the children, the future of our country, but the lapse between the education policies and execution of it is hampering the growth of the country. Though all the educationist have a keen desire to be a part of a forum which could enlighten the society.

In order to cater for such requirements and with an aim to help the education sector grow as per the required standards, which are at par with foreign Universities, Econs the educational consultant is launching a new forum as ‘Confederation Of Education Excellence’ (CEE) which will work out the various strategies for holistic integration of education sector with the needs of society.  It can be rightly said that it would require a lot of initiative, zeal and hard work, on the part of Econs, in collaboration with  schools and teachers, to do away with  negatives plaguing the education system, which can be built around the following area:

• Quality Education / Value Addition Information 

           • Global Outreach

      Commitment to the Society 

  • Competitiveness of Training as Per the Need of Education Establishment/Corporate.


The above forum should be able to take care of all aspects of education sector of various organizations (Including Govt. / Non Government) and Institutional bodies. Social welfare services are required mostly by those who are not capable without help and support of standing on their own feet as fully independent or 'self-directing' members of the community."

For member of CEE, it is proposed to layout clear strategies based on deeper in sight and analytical perceptions of emerging realities from all corner of education. The immediate forefront requirement is to help Institute to grow with quality education and interact with global institutes by having a multi prolonged strategy for global networking which is self sustaining.

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